Companies supporting the We Are Fair campaign

Our company is fair

Our company is fair and that is why we support the freedom to marry for gays and lesbians in the Czech Republic.

As an employer, we treat all employees equally. We want our employees to be themselves. This also applies to gays and lesbians working in our company.

86% of Czech gays and lesbians want to have the possibility to get married. From the business point of view, there is no relevant argument for supporting anything less than marriage equality. Happy employees are productive employees, hence we need to create a working environment that is fair for everyone.

We are therefore joining the 63% of our society that supports the freedom to marry for gays and lesbians. A fair workplace is good for business, for maintaining competitiveness and attracting talent throughout Central Europe.


Join the companies supporting the We Are Fair campaign!

Is your company fair to your LGBT employees? If the answer is yes, then we hope you will agree with the following statement. Do you want to publicly support us? If so, please, send an email to czeslaw.walek@zamanzelství.cz expressing your support, and we will get back to you soon.