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We are Fair webinar in English: Equal marriage in Czechia - the next two months will decide


15. 2. 2024
od 17:00 do 18:00

Přidat do kalendáře 2/15/2024 17:00 2/15/2024 18:00 Prague We are Fair webinar in English: Equal marriage in Czechia - the next two months will decide

What our country has been waiting for so long together with you has become a reality. The draft amendment to the marriage law for all couples was finally discussed in the first reading in the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic in June this year. 

What does this mean? The deputies allowed the proposal to proceed to the next, second reading, which took place recently, on Jan 7 (the third VOTING reading is expected soon, most probably within one month). What is less positive for us is the fact that the deputies, along with this proposal, also sent a constitutional ban on equal marriages to the second reading. The constitutional proposal is a dangerous step backward and could further deepen the division of our society. The last country to adopt such an adjustment was Russia in 2020. 

So, there is no time to wait, the decision about the equality of LGBT+ people in our country is being made. The next few weeks will be absolutely crucial, and we can all contribute to the change that will bring what we have long desired - marriage for all couples in the Czech Republic. Please accept the invitation to the webinar facilitated by the initiative Jsme fér (=We are fair). You will find out what the situation with equal marriages in the Chamber of Deputies looks like now, what are the biggest risks, and most importantly, how you can contribute to ensuring that marriage for all couples progresses further in the legislative process. 

We are pleased to invite you to our specially designed webinar, tailored for expats residing in our country or any foreigner interested in the adoption of equal marriage in our country. The session will be conducted entirely in English to accommodate our international audience.

You should receive the confirmation of your registration within 15 minutes, please also check your spam folder. If you do not receive a confirmation, contact me at [email protected] and we will resolve it together.

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